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Welcome to Calmer Yoga

Calmer Yoga is open to all in the heart of sunny Peregian Beach, Queensland with a focus on nurturing wellbeing and vitality for the local community in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Meet your instructor Irena

In 1997 Irena changed her life path and became a yoga teacher. She qualified with Louisa Sear (Byron Bay 2004 Int. Yoga Teachers. Assoc. Diploma and yoga anatomy.) She holds a Karuna Yoga Diploma (Yoga All Reg 500 hrs RYS). Her aim is to improve her students’ well-being.

Her yoga classes are developed with emphasis on breathing alignment of spine, balance, strength and flexibility. She holds a Birthlight Diploma in Perinatal Yoga I & II, Childbirth Prep + Baby Yoga I. She attends yoga courses with Paul Grilley, Simon Low and Jessica Chapman and is studying yoga therapy.


“Irena guides with significant experience, confidence and warmth in her personal yoga classes. The classes are always changing with a focus on particular areas of yoga study which deepen an awareness of body and breath. A wonderful tonic for any stress. I always leave feeling light, relaxed and fine tuned.”

Kristen Gooch (attending since 2009)

“After hearing great recommendations from others I thought I’d contact Irena and give it a try. As a 50+ stressed out businessman it’s been a wonderful addition to my well being. Irena is consistently planning ahead and providing a specific yoga therapy program tailored to my ability and needs. I can highly recommend her.”

Craig Walter

“I have practiced yoga most of my adult life and when I was pregnant for the first time at 39 I wanted to continue yoga in a safe and nurturing environment. I heard about Calmer Yoga by word of mouth and started pregnancy yoga with Irena at the beginning of my second trimester. I was working full-time in a rather pressured job and looked forward to my weekly pregnancy yoga classes because it was time out to nurture myself and connect with the baby growing inside me. Irena is not just a great pregnancy yoga teacher, she is an intuitive, compassionate, wise woman who guided me every step of my pregnancy with words of wisdom, meditations and (all importantly) breathing practice for labour. A few weeks before my due date my husband and I did a birth rehearsal workshop with Irena. Although my son's birth did not go according to plan, I was induced and ended up having a Caesarian, I did labour for seven hours. The birth rehearsal prepared me and my husband for every stage of birth. Actually practicing the breathing I'd learnt in class helped reduce the pain and was comforting and my husband (supportive at every step) was not as "freaked out" as he might have been by being forewarned about what to expect. If you're pregnant, enrol in Irena's pregnancy yoga class - it's the best investment in your wellbeing you could make.”

Lucinda Dean